Recommend Hair styles for busy moms

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Hello! I am a Chief/ hair stylist Aya at hair salon MICHAELA (Reverside point, Singapore)

Today I am writing about easy care but nice hair styles that I recommend to busy moms. 

I want you to be careful about how to care your hair and order at hair salon in Singapore!

First I want to explain the point when you order haircut!

Here are the most common requests about hair cut by moms.
Long hair, bob hair or short hair

Those who like “I prefer long hair and I usually tie my hair up while doing housework but other time hair down.”, I recommend the hair length longer than 3-4 fingers from collarbone. 
If you have shorter this length, it will be easy to be mess.

Those who want to have a hair length which barely ties your hair up, I recommend Front-downed bob hair. This is because you can tie your hair up and it looks good even your hair down.

Those who want to have a short hair which is the easiest to care. But if you are worried that you will become boyish, but as much as keeping the enough length you can keep female look.


"Short is the easiest after all!
There are many opinions that it is hot soon, because it is hot, long is not good!
Some people are worried that they will become a boyish, but they will be like women as much as keeping the enough length.

Please try it when you have a consultation with your hairdresser.
Due to this humid weather in Singapore, your hair may not be easy to control. 
Let's solve any hair concerns you have with me!!

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