Magma Bleach!!

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Hello! I am a hair stylist Takahiro! 

Aren’t you tired of your hair style?

“Magma Bleach! “

When you want to change your hair color, how do you order?

Ash color, reddish color, darker color or lighter color…

There are so many kind of hair color combination and selection hair salons have and among them ash color is popular!

However, it is difficult for Asian people to wear, isn’t it?   

So, what we are using most recently is “Magma Breach”!

It sounds dangerous and harmful…

"But this is different from ordinary bleach, because it has a mechanism that can bleach hair without breaking interior of the hair so hair will not get less damage than usual one.
* Since it is a bleach, it does not mean there is no damage at all

In addition, this bleach is a little complementary to blue violet,

"Bleach where yellow taste is hard to remain"!

So it is easy to put on the color you want.

Of course it is beautiful even apply breach color to the entire your hair, however, if you are worried about your hair damage I recommend below hair color treatments;

-    Highlight
-    Section color
-    Graduation color

These treatment are applied to a partial place so,
· Low damage
· Simple but upgraded design
· Easy to do
· Elegant up
· Since it is partial, it cuts off when it hurts

Although I would like to emphasize hair gloss for the most, I personally do not recommend to bleach entire your hair, but such a partial color is a wide range of designs, so it's simple, but a slightly different style can be done so a wide range It is recommended for the layer.

Those who want a little change in the current style,

How about a different upscale style from other people?

Section color $ 60 ~
Highlights, gradation color $ 200 ~
Double color $ 300 ~

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