【How to care about Itchiness and dandruff of hair】Vol 1

[STAFF] 投稿日時:2017/03/29(水) 12:16

Hello Everyone. I`m BLANCO MICHAELA PR officer ,“A”.

Only a week left this month. How time flies!

So, This season There are so many events for farewell parties.

It’s the good season for enjoying the fashion!

You should keep your hair so good.

By the way, What is the complex about our hair?

I heard about Itchiness and dandruff.

In Singapore, Indoor are dry because of air conditioner.

So many person worry about Itchiness and dandruff.

Actually, Scalp is hidden by hair and difficult to check the situation directly.

I asked many person how to care about Itchiness and dandruff of hair.

And I got many useful answers and information.

This time, I’ll tell you “dry your hair completely “

It might be a basic, but very important.

You should dry your hair and scalp completely as soon as possible after shampooing.
Wet hair is more sensitive to damage and breakage.

It can make your scalp itchy.

One of my friend has been allergy of skin, so she felt Itchiness of scalp.

And went to many doctors,

All doctors say “dry your hair completely “

Dry your hair, shed wind from the bottom , without tsumadate, 
First, let your hair dry on a hot setting. Then, set it up on the coolest setting.
Please try that tonight☆


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