How to care about hair brush

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ello Everyone. I`m BLANCO MICHAELA PR officer ,“A”.


How many times you shampoo in a day?

Have you experienced “My hair is greasy” “bad smell”, Although you wash your hair, 


It might caused by hair brush.


Look at your  hair brush carefully.  It has many hairs and the dust, isn’t it?

When you brush your hair, Hair, the dust , dandruff, sebum, and so on  sticks your hair Brush.


If you leave it, mite and bacterium occur and they stick to your hair, when you brush.

It’s impossible to keep your beauty hair without cleaning your hair brush.

 Then  tell you how to clean hair brush.

At first, take off , dandruff, sebum frrm your brush with special cleaner  once a week.

 Next ,wash your brush at least once a month.

1: fill the washbasin with lukewarm water, and add shampoo to there and whipping. And wash you brush gently.

2:After washing that, rinse completely and wipe with a towel. 

Hair Brush isn’t seen by another person generally. Actually we might not clean that frequently. But it’s very important for our hair.

Let’s clean your hair brush regularly.


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