Differences between alkaline hair color agent and manicure hair color agent

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Hi! I am a hair stylist Kenta at Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA at Reverside Point.

Here is a frequent question from my customer about hair color and let me give my answer…
hope it will help!!

Today, I am going to write about hair color...

Basically, there are two types of hair dye.
One is alkaline hair color agent and the other one is manicure hair color agent.

Henna hair color is the same effectiveness gives to your hair and
finish is quite similar to manicure hair color.

So the difference between Henna hair color and Manicure hair color is ingredient.

Manicure hair color which ingredient natural and botanical ingredients is called Henna color.

Alkaline hair color can remove pigment of hair with alkaline agent.
Then insert another color into hair. So it is possible to brighten up hair color.
So it is possible to make your hair color brighter.

On the other hand, manicure hair color dye your hair by adsorbing pigment on the surface of your hair.

So there is lesser damage than alkaline hair color, but if it applies to black hair it is like something like painting on a black paper, so I can hardly tell the color differences.

So it is effective for white and gray hair but it doesn’t last so long and about 2-3 weeks due to putting the color on the surface of hair.

On the other hand, since the fashion color is embedded in the inside of the hair, it depends greatly on the condition of handling, shampoo and hair condition, but it lasts for one and a half months to two months.

it is hard for me to say which one is good or bad, if you want to try Henna or Manicure hair color I recommend you to ask your hair dresser about this.

In the last, one thing I want you to remember is once manicure hair color is applied to your hair, your hair will not be brighter. So after this treatment and you want to have a brighter hair color, your hair is needed to breach. 

If you have any questions and concerns about hair, please feel free to ask me!!

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