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Hi! I am a hair stylist Kenta at Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA at Reverside Point.

Here is a frequent question from my customer about hair color and let me give my answer…
I hope it will help!!

Today, I am going to write about hair color...

Question: I am interested in Henna hair coloring. Can I try this?

Answer: Henna hair color agent gives lesser damages to your hair than usual hair color agent; however, I think you may not be satisfied with this finished color.

There are mainly two big concerns about Henna hair color.

One is there are not many color variation and the other is it doesn’t last long.
Additionally, you may have scalp troubles when it applies to your hair in not good condition.

One more concern is once your hair got Henna hair color,
usual hair color agent will not be effective on your hair.
I mean it would be difficult for your hair to be brighter than the Henna color applied.

If you have any questions and concerns about hair, please feel free to ask me!!

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