Can I get both hair treatments, hair color and perm, at the same time?

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Hi! I am a hair stylist Kenta at Hair Salon MICHAELA at Reverside Point, 5 minutes walk from Clarke Quay station.

Here is a frequent question from my customer about hair & scalp and let me give my answers and suggestions…
I hope it will help!!

Today, I am going to write about hair treatment...

Question: I have heard that we can get treatments, hair color and perm, at the same time. Is it possible?

Answer: Chemicals of hair coloring and perm treatments have been improved and give lesser damages to hair than used to be.
 So I could say it is possible.

However, I think that it is the best to consult with a hairdresser because it depends on the type of perm and the kind of hair color and the hair style you want to do.

Of course hair gets damages from these treatments even though chemical’s improvement, so what I recommend is add nutrition to hair during these treatments in order to have less hair damages. 

If you have any questions and concerns about hair, please feel free to ask me!!

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