Why not get the next level of shiny hair!

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Am I the only one who thinks shiny and smooth gorgeous hair can cover almost all the small problems on my face such as acne?


And beautiful shiny healthy hair is concerned that it is one of the most important parts to make a definition of world class beauty among celebs. 


So that they have own unique hair caring rule such as shampooing only twice a week.



Anyways, what I want to say is hair” influences your beauty!



I think Platinum Members who have a high sense of beauty might have tried many types of hair treatment or method of shampooing …etc…



So today, I would like to introduce a very effective head spa to you!!




That is…




* Platinum Head Spa *




What you can get from this head spa is not just shiny hair but




The head spa is…



The first step is making the foundation for shiny hair!



Massage your scalp with BLANCO special method

to give a better blood circulation↑↑↑




The next step is



Giving nutrition to your hair!

Put BLANCO original treatment which contains selected nutritious ingredients for hair.



It sounds very simply

and similar to other head spa but it is actually not!



I recommend that you try it out and experience the next level of shiny hair!

You will have a good surprise about the result when you get this head spa!!




* Platinum Head Spa *











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The importance of using hair dryer 1

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Hello Everyone. I`m BLANCO MICHAELA PR officer ,“A”.


 Do you like your current hair style?

Changing hair style is good way to change your impression.

So hair style is very important for women. Do you care about your hair?

One is important thing is How to dry your hair with hair dryer.

Conversely, if you doing that wrong way, It make a damage hair.

I’ll tell you 3 wrong ways about drying your hair.

Firstly “Air dry” your hair.

I see the local women walking with their hair wet in Singapore.

But it’s bad for your hair.

When your hair is wet, The skin of hair is peeling away.

It’s not only bad looking, but also causing damage.

And  it’s also cause moisture loss more than necessary.

After towel dry, you need blow dry, even if how it’s troublesome.

 If you’d like to experience comfortable hair care, Please come to our Salon,

We’re looking forward to you visiting BLANCO.