Collarbone Length Bob hair style

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Hello! I am a hair stylist Kenta at Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA at Reverside Point.

Today I am showing you a new hair style with before and after pics.

After Straight style

As explained it in the previous blog.

Collarbone length hair style, it fits anyone.

Perfect bob length hair style!

You may wonder why this length is good for her?

As I wrote that this model has long neck.
If she has short bob hair style, her long neck will be stood out and it does not look beautiful.

This time, I created this hair style taken her request.
This length is great because it can make waves with hair iron and create hair arrangement.
Those who wants to have short hair but are worried about having too short length hair…

This hair style is perfect!

Hair color: 
Entire hair: pearl ash color to tone done down her yellowish color
Right side: applied Cherry red

Before this treatment

Wavy hair style

If you have any questions and concerns about hair, please feel free to ask me!!

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