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SAYONARA to BAD hair days
and HELLO to GOOD hair days!

“My hair condition just won’t last long after having a treatment.” 
“My hair has gone flat after the cut!” 
We have been hearing the hair woes of our Singaporean customers.
Hence SARA SARA treatment was developed to tackle this problem.
  • before
  • after
  • before
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● Mark the significant improvement after having 2-3 times of treatment.

● Depending on your hair length,
Sara Sara Treatment will
last between more than 2 months.

● Some of the people are not demand for a hair rebounding afterwards.

We highly recommend pairing
it with our
for even more lasting results.

Customer Reviews

  • Used to have dull hair since I have been coloring my hair. But after having the Sara Sara treatment,the radiance is now back!
  • One of the best hair treatments I have ever had!My messy hair is now much more manageable.
    No Regrets at all!
  • Thank you Michaela !
    I knew that my hair was severely damaged.
    But it is now reborn after the treatment.

Special Features

  • Customized for Singapore

    This is developed for the Singapore humid climate. We strive to improve your hair condition and keep it in good shape. It works even better with permed hair . Experience more manageable hair.

  • Natural Touch

    The chemical-free Sara Sara Treatment repairs your hair from within. You can easily achieve a natural soft touch with the ion treatment.

  • A perfect combination of
    3 types of seed oil

    Moisturize your scalp and maintain soft lustrous locks with our rich treatment solution extracted from chia seed, olive and argane oil.

The Treatment Process

  • Apply the Michaela Original Treatment solution to your hair

  • Ion treatment cream will be massaged thoroughly into your hair to ensure full absorption of the chia seeds essence

  • With the help of the high vibration of “Sonic Style Pro” , your hair can fully absorb the nutrients from the treatment solution

  • To rinse the treatment once and dry the hair

  • The evaporating effect of straightening iron causes ionic bonding and repairs the holes on your damaged hair

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Authentic Japanese salon experience
presented by top Japanese stylists

  • Kenta

    Salon Manager / Perming Expert
    10 years experience


  • Aya

    Coloring Expert
    10 years experience


  • Koji

    Cutting Expert
    17 years experience


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