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Teeth Whitening has never been easier ! Japanese Self Teeth Whitening !
  1. Speedy Treatment In Just 30 minutes! No Mould Creation is Required
  2. Safe and No Pain
  3. Frequent Treatments are possible with affordable price

Self Teeth Whitening has never been easier!
Easy and instant!
Let's make it a habit and show your shinny smile everyday.

After 1 session

After 5 sessions

1. Fast and Convenient

With simple tools and a bottle of mild solution. You will be helping yourself throughout the treatment from wearing the tool to applying the solution.

You will not be wasting any time on making a mould of your teeth.The whitening process will be finished with just a few simple steps. Of course, our staff will guide you through every single detail of the treatment.

2. Teeth and Gum
Friendly Technology
Micro Titanium Dioxide
x Blue UV-free LED light

Titanium Dioxide, the main ingredient, could be easily found in food and toothpaste. It penetrates the surface of your teeth to remove stains. Beyond whitening your teeth ,the coating also smooths the tooth surface

UV light will not be emitted with LED light. Don't worry about getting burnt with it. Unlike ordinary medication,this substance won't cause you any pain nor any discomfort.

Safety Certificate

3. Why is it affordable
to everybody

Self whitening is not being considered as a medical operation or therapy. For that reason,it is different from the whitening service in dental clinic. The price therefore is more affordable.

Trial Course Is Available With Special Price

Self Whitening Is More Than
Making Your Teeth White!
By applying the solution and LED light on your teeth, a chemical process called photocatalyst occurs. It sterilizes our teeth and take out the bad breath of your mouth.
The treatment also carries out the effect of prevent cavities.
We recommend you to go to
the dental clinic if you have
the following concerns.
We'd recommend you to go to the dental clinic for teeth whitening if you would have some obstinate stains on your teeth. If you are looking for extremely white teeth, or if you would like to get it all done in one single session. Dental clinic whitening is recommended.
  • Cost
  • Safe
  • No Dietary
  • Frequent
    is OK!
  • Speedy