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Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA Customer's Reviewミカエラのお客様レビュー



Lady's Hair Cut
Michaela provides personal service which is unlike a typical hair salon in singapore. I no longer have to wait for my hair to be cut despite already making an appointment and then still have to share the time and attention of the hairstylist with other clients. From the instant i step into the salon, i have the undivided attention and time of the hairstylist who will personally do everything from hair wash to haircut to blow dry. for the same amount i pay at the other singapore hair salons, it's definitely more value for money at michaela.

sato, my hairstylist, is very professional, polite and skilful. she remembers the previous cut and will suggest a different one each time so that it will be more refreshing. She is also honest in giving her opinion but politely so. I've been very satisfied with each of the haircut she has given me.

i must really commend the service at michaela. the entire team is very polite and professional. I've never encountered any of them allowing their moodiness to affect their service. The whole set- up of the salon also gives a relaxed and cosy feel; not rushed and hectic.