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At MICHAELA, we focus on our customers’ hair matters, such as bounce, body, dryness, greasiness and smell. We treat them not with some superficial gimmicks, but by fundamentally improving the surrounding environment the hair and scalps, helping make them healthy and beautiful, with the ultimate goal in creating the most ideal hairstyles for our customers.

With the rapid change of time, the demands of individuals have changed, from “dressing up” the hair to making it shines with natural beauty. There is a calling for making hair truly beautiful/healthy, rather than damaging it in the process of beautifying it.


At our hair salon, we specialize in techniques, treatments and spas that don’t damage the hair. Some of our hair stylists would even boast to have obtained top-level skills from Japan and they are currently working here, in Singapore, to provide meticulous counseling along with the finest hair-cutting techniques to create the ideal hairstyles for the customers while improving their hair quality at the same time.


Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA is the first beauty salon in Singapore to install a water purification device that is normally used at the food manufacturing level. We use purified running water to filter and eliminating hazardous substances that damage the hair, such as chlorine and fluorine. Most of our products at the salon are centering around MICHAELA Pharmatica, our very own in-house brand of products, which possessed a high damage-repair care treatment for the hair.


We also carry an array of quick and simple salon treatment and spa menus specially customize for ladies who find themselves too busy to care for their hair. The salon is also equipped with a kids’ room, making this a family-friendly place for moms whom are busy with their children.






Hi! I am a hair stylist Kenta at Hair Salon MICHAELA at Rev...

Hi! I am a hair stylist Kenta at Hair Salon Tokyo at Revers...

Hi! I am a hair stylist Kenta at Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA ...

Hair Salon Information

Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA

Address30 Merchant Road #02-24/25 Riverside Point Singapore 058282
(Riverside Point second floor)

Nearest stationClarke Quay MRT Station

Business Hours11:00 ∼ 20:00 (Last Appointment for Colour and Perm is 19:00)

Phone Numbers<In Japanese only> : 6538-0263
<In English & Japanese> : 6538-0273

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