TOKIO hair treatment available NOW at MICHAERA!

Some of you have already known it but this hair treatment has been recognized as a First Class Hair Treatment System in not only Japan
but also the world.


This hair treatment focuses on hair quality and solves any hair concerns you may have. Patented technology “INKARAMI” can promise your hair to be lightness and softness.

What is Patented Technology INKARAMI?

Using a special technique called oxidation polymerization "INKARAMI", it is a size that is easy to penetrate when entering, but after filling in all, it will swell up inside and a lid is also done. Due to this system, hair will be filled with active ingredients and smooth and shiny.

Nobel Prize Winner Ingredient

About 170 times antioxidant effect of vitamin C keep the TOKIO hair treatment effect last long.

Generally speaking Oxidation causes skin, hair and other aging.

It is said that Singapore’s ultraviolet light intensity is second in the world, and hair that is exposed to it every day is in danger of oxidation.
Why not keeping your hair in beautiful and healthy hair with Fullerene?

Gently applying the treatment to the hair by hands
We provide the special moment to customers to treat you with “different from usual”

Fullerene and 18MEA are able to keep shampoo
hair conditioner and leave-in treatment effects.

We have treatment agents fit for regular, small, medium, hair quality and condition. And your hair stylists will choose the best one for your hair.

And we are confident that you will feel and be satisfied with your hair result much better than other hair treatment when you have straight perm with TOKIO hair treatment.
There is no reason to do!
Hope you will try and like it!!