Platinum membership

What is Platinum membership?

Since our opening in March 2015, it has been our daily goal to have “clients who are 100% satisfied.” Along with our techniques, we promise to provide Japan’s renowned “attentive hospitality and service” through our meticulous and detailed consultations. All members are not only entitled to enjoy our services at a special Royal Customer Rate, they are also entitled to complimentary restyling within one week of the appointment if they are not fully satisfied, complimentary gifts, and invitations / discounts to various events held by the salon. Please rest assured that there are no obligations or fees associated with becoming a Platinum Member. We hope that your encounter with our salon will contribute to further enriching and enhancing your life.


1. 12% discount for all service menus and MICHAELA PHARMATICA hair-care products.

Platinum members always receive 12% off on all services menus and hair care products of MICHAELA PHARMATICA. In addition, if you make a reservation for your next visit, you can get 15% in total on your next visit.

2.Free of charge of fixing hair style within a week If you're not happy with what you’ve had done at our salon

Platinum members are offered special service of fixing his/her hair style for free of charge within one week if you are not satisfied with what you have done at Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA. *The fixing hair service is available only for one time per styling, and only for the same service menu you have got. In addition, depending on his/her hair damage, some of the services may not be able to be redone.

3.Christmas present at the end of the year

We provide Christmas presents to all Platinum members to show our gratitude.

4.Invitation to/discount provided for various event

We provide invitation tickets or discount tickets for events organized or sponsored by Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA to the Platinum members.

How to become a platinum member

Platinum Membership shall be given to Members who had spent for the services or purchased the Products sold at the Salon for SGD600 or more during the previous year.

If you have any question about Platinum membership

6538-0265 (日本語専用)/6538-0273 (English/Japanese)  Inquiry form

6538-0265 (日本語専用)/6538-0273 (English/Japanese)  Inquiry form