Position Chief / Hair Stylist
Experience 10 years
Date of birth May 15th
Blood Type A
Birth Place Sakata City, Yamagata, Japan
Hobby Listening to music,Traveling

Signature style

Her specialty is arranging upsweep hair styles that take each client's individual situation into account.
She works closely with clients to get their hairstyles just right—from traditional Japanese hairstyles (such as arranging hairstyles for Shichi-Go-San festival days) to Japanese-style arrangements that go well with kimono and upsweeps that suit Western clothing.
Whether tight and cool or fluffy and soft, her mission is to provide clients with long-lasting and damage-free hairstyles that won't tire them out.
Her other specialties include elegant long hairstyles that have an impressive presence but feel light, and sexy short styles with plenty of layers.


Aya has a long track record and plenty of experience in exclusive neighborhoods within Tokyo and in Den-en-chofu.
She has worked as a hair stylist for 10 years. Having developed her skills in exclusive neighborhoods, Aya's work takes even the most minor details into account. She is capable of a wide variety of signature styles, from time-honored Japanese styles to Western styles that incorporate the latest trends—all with no damage to your hair.

Hair Styling

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